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Attention Diet & Health website and blog owners!


Special Offer! First 2 Respondents   Only
I have room on my schedule at this time to write a 500 word blog post in the diet and health category.
At a one time discount rate of only $50 per 500 word blog post. 
Yes, thats just $50 for a quality 500 word Diet or Health blog post...
You Choose the Diet or Health topic.
For just the first 2 people who respond to this message.
( Sorry thats all I have room for)
After 2 website owners are chosen then this offer will be closed.
Each month I will take on two 500 word blog post assignments at this $50 discount rate.
For the first 2 people who respond to this offer while it is available.
Until I decide to permanently end this offer.
Check out my Linkedin profile page.
There is some content for you to view on this page, and on my website.
If my writing style fits your audience then send me a message.
If you qualify as one of the first to respond.
I will contact you to discuss the details.
In order to write effectively to your Diet and Health audience,
I will need to know several things including.
*Your primary website goals.
*Your audience needs and wants
*Your most popular topics
*The Diet or Health topic you want to cover, and any keywords that you want to add to the content.
You can also let me know what writing style you prefer.
If you message me and you do not get a response after several days.
Then that means I am very busy and will not be able to work for you at this time. 
You can try again next month as long as this offer is still available.
*This is a limited offer and you will not find this offer anywhere else.
All the best to you in happiness and health,
Anthony, The Healthful Blogger

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